The North-east’s only dedicated QHSE event, The Safety Expo, takes place on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at the P&J Live!

Delivered by XIC, the experts in creative print and durable printed safety products, this free-to-attend event showcases the best of local safety-related solutions, products, services, and so much more.

With a number of must-see talks from industry heavyweights that are set to deliver captivating and compelling presentations, one of this year's lineup is none other than aspirational entrepreneur, Bob Keiller.

Bob’s passion for inspiring others is evident throughout his award-winning career, where he has chaired several notable organisations while also taking on the role of CEO at PSN, Wood Group PSN and Wood Group. An inductee to the Entrepreneurial Scotland Hall of Fame, Bob’s time after Wood has seen him pass on entrepreneurial expertise to businesspeople through his Aberdeen-based consultancy AB15, while he also continues to tackle new challenges such as Our Union Street.

In this exclusive interview, Bob gave us an insight into how his talk at The Safety Expo, titled ‘Be more persuasive’, will benefit all those listening…

What is your main area of expertise?

“I wouldn’t proclaim to have just one specific area of expertise as I’ve had a long, diverse career where I’ve worked across a number of global organisations in an array of roles.

“However, one theme that has been prevalent throughout my career has been the importance of persuasion within leadership, as this is essential in conveying ideas in both a compelling and memorable manner, while appearing authentic to the audience. Persuasion has been threaded throughout my career since day one.”

Can you give us some insight into what your “Be more persuasive” talk will cover?

“When it comes to persuading people, there are many things I have learned over the years that are worth passing on to those within the QHSE industry, including psychological factors to consider that will make your message that bit more compelling.

“I have a lot of experience in dealing with a variety of entrepreneurs and businesses where I’ve witnessed a number of pitches and messages that can be levelled up quite easily - it doesn’t take much to get people to really pay attention to what you have to say.

“In the world of safety, we’re often trying to persuade businesses to adopt new practices and to comply with new legislation, or just to utilise new equipment and technologies within their operations - a lot of persuasion is inherent within the world of safety improvement.

“At The Safety Expo, I’ll also illustrate how the use of real-life examples and business stories can elevate your message. By listening to my talk, audiences can learn how to deliver an unforgettable, compelling business story in just a couple of minutes.”

How does this talk relate to your own experience?

“My topic has a clear link to everything I have achieved in my career so far, as a key element within leadership is persuading people to come with you on a journey - you need individuals to really believe in your message.

“The whole event emphasises the need for us to remember what’s really important no matter the job role or industry; it’s that everyone who goes to work should be able to do so safely, and return uninjured and unharmed in any way - it’s a basic human right.

What do you think attendees of The Safety Expo will gain from your talk?

“I believe that by listening to my talk, audiences will be better equipped to shape their messages so that they are both direct and clear, while being as persuasive as they can be.

“Whether the individual seeks to enhance their ability to inform potential customers of safety-related products, or they are looking to help businesses adhere to the latest regulations, listeners will gain invaluable insight into how they can really make their voices heard and increase the probability of their target audiences investing in what they have to say.”

The Safety Expo - Portwest exhibition stand

What are you most looking forward to about The Safety Expo, and why do you think this type of event is important for the region?

“I’m thoroughly excited to listen to the great array of expertise on show, including that of Steve Ray, Executive Director at Step Change in Safety, who is someone I’ve always enjoyed hearing from due his sheer influence on safety culture within the energy industry.

“Nowadays, we have unlimited access to information online but I still think it’s vital that each and every one of us take the time to listen to real people, with real experiences, who can share their stories and learnings in-person. With an event like The Safety Expo, attendees can expect an event that is run expertly and is filled with some of the most knowledgeable people from the North-east that are well worth listening to.”

Why should people attend The Safety Expo, and who do you think would benefit the most from such an event?

“I can’t speak on behalf of the other talented speakers, but anyone that feels they could benefit from being more persuasive in their role, whether they are based in sales or in a leadership position, I’d encourage you to sign up.

“At no charge, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from an array of interesting figures and meet the immense talent for health and safety within the region.”

Join us at P&J Live this September

The 21st of September cannot come quick enough! The Safety Expo will bring together training providers, workwear and PPE suppliers, equipment demonstrations and safety literature specialists all under one roof - and you won’t want to miss out!

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